What's your impression?!

This afternoon we started looking at the impressionist movement. It began in France during the mid 1800s, and to begin with their work was very unpopular because of their different approach to painting. One artist, Monet, was particularly famous for his water lilies - I really like the textured brush strokes, his use of light and dark, and the way he has used this to create a realistic reflection effect. Why not post a picture of one of your favourite impressionist pieces and tell us a little bit about what you like about it?

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Comment 1 Comment by William H on 03 Oct 11 at 1:28pm | Quote this comment
Who painted it?
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Herring on 03 Oct 11 at 2:34pm | Quote this comment
Monet painted this piece. Do you have a favourite William?
Comment 3 Comment by Mollie M on 03 Oct 11 at 5:36pm | Quote this comment
whats your favorite Monet painting Mr Herring ?

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