Richard was strolling through the unknown where trees as tall as sky scrapers where upside down. Suddenly he was struck with fear he turned around only to see to fire like eyes staring at him! What was it!

As quick as a flash the creature leaped out from the thick of the bush! Richard screamed! The creature grabbed Richard with his goblin like hands then ran back into the thick of the bush whilst clutching Richard who was wailing like a 2 year old. Richard hit a branch he was unconscious!

4 hours had past Richard woke up only to find himself hanging 400f above a volcano in a secret layer where the creature lived! Richard felt helpless as he was hanging above the volcano that was boiling up crimson red lava were Richard was going to be cooked alive!

SNAP! His chill struck deeper the rope had snapped clean in half Richard was cascading down into the volcano where he would meet his death!

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