Staff Sargent Steve!

On Thursday 14th November Class Tabei had a suprise visit from...Staff Sargent Steve! He showed us what it was like in the 2nd World War and answered all our questions about it. He was an American soldier and the second stage up from a sargent (Americans use different rankings).

First we were asked to write questions in our books then, once Staff Sargent Steve had answered our questions, we went up onto the field and started our special army training! At first we learned how to stand at ease, at attention and salute. Then we started throughing granades at our carefully selected target - Miss Kelly!!!- it was really funny and we all kept laughing.

But then we got cold so Staff Sargent Steve got us to find partners and run around the field even Miss Kelly! Once we came back inside Staff Sargent Steve let us try on his many hats, then came the awesomest suprise of them all...we got to try on the legendary, amazing camo. cream!!! It was amazing he even gave Miss Kelly some despite her objections. Before hometime Miss Kelly made us wash most of it but I managed to avoid that path! 

All in all Class Tabei had an amazing time and would love to go through it all over again. Staff Sargent Steve has been a great role model and has greatly influenced are topic of Historic Fiction.


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Thanks, Katie - a very charismatic and informative summary!

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