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This week the children were set the challenge of designing and building a boat to race down the stream near Holywell.  Some of the designs were small and detailed, some were gigantic and some didn't float! Before we raced the boats, we took depth measurements so we can plot a cross section of the stream and calculate its cross sectional area.  We also played pooh sticks and measured how long a stick took to travel 10m.  We repeated this a number of times to get an average that will hopefully be more accurate than just one measurement. We will use the area and speed to calculate the flow in litres per second later in the topic.  After the sciencey bit, we had the races.  The winners were...  I can't remember, so children you'll have to blog to tell everyone.

Stream Regatta on PhotoPeach


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Comment 1 Comment by jaiden on 10 Jun 14 at 3:29pm | Quote this comment
I like the boats.they have some amazing featchers.

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