Our computer games

In class Cook we have been creating our own online adventure games. This blog will explain to you how we made them.

First of all we planned out our games on a flow diagram with pictures and writing. Next we made all the slides on PowerPoint with a partner.  Then we put in the hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are words/pictures that you can click on to automatically take you to another slide. After that we polished it to make it the best we can. To create special effects as the slides comes onto the screen we clicked on transitions that gave us a choice of what we wanted to happen.

After the games were finished we set them up so class Drake could play on them. We also left them on for parents evening so the adults could see what we were doing in class that week.

Overall we have enjoyed helping each other figure out how to evaluate our own and each other’s learning.

If you would like to try out a couple of our games then click the links bellow.

By EvieP and SydR

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