The 13th Labor of Hercules

Towering on both sides the rough rocks stood like solders watching him, as he stared up he saw a bit of the bright blue azure sky. Peering into the shadowed valley, he felt very claustrophobic in the diminutive lane; it’s like being in a dolls house he thought. The whistling wind blew him out of the crevice in the brass brown rock.

 Carved into the solid rock was a vast temple entrance with tall towering pillars holding it up. Slowly he walked towards the temple, as he entered the intimidating temple a shiver ran down his spine and beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. The temple was a shining room with lights that shone brighter than the sun.

Slowly, he peered up and spotted the monster he took one long breath and puffed his chest out. The monster was as tall as the empire state building and had a tail that could rip a human in half with hardly any effort; also he had reeking feet that could make a human faint. As well as all of these strange features he also has one magnificent power…

HIS HAIR WAS MADE OF SNAKES! [They can strangle people]

Boldly, Hercules stepped up to the vicious monster, but in a blink of an eye he was pined to the floor by the monsters foot. Fortunately he had his bear skin coat on [that was invincible] so he just played dead. As the monster walked away Hercules stood up, sprinted towards the monster and grabbed his leg.

The monster tripped up, fell to the floor and breathed his last breath.

Hercules bravely chopped off the head of the monster and trekked back to his cousin’s castle. He gave the head to his cousin, who then said hercules could live with him

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