The 13th Labor of Hercules


Peering through the shadowed valley towering on both sides walls that staggered around him.

But Hercules was not scared he was strong. As the temple stared down at him as he looked…

Slowly Hercules entered the massive cave that was lined with sharp jagged rocks. He saw a long passage that led to the underworld its self. In the distance ahead of him beams of light caught his eye. He wondered what lay ahead. He took a deep breath and soldiered on until he reached a wooden door, he opened It. His eyes darting from side to side for the first time beads of sweat ran down his forehead. And his footsteps began to shuffle.

The rough rocks staggered all around him. As he swivelled his head around he saw…

Carved into the solid rock was a temple with tall towering pillars and stone steps led to. Blackness this is where the beast must be.

As he looked up he could see the azure bright blue sky.

But above the entrance a stone statue stood in front of him, he felt so diminutive compared to the colossal

He was there if front of him with teeth as sharp as 1000 daggers and then even worse it woke up and as quick as a flash it pounced at him. He dodged it then it breathed fire at him he screamed in pain he was burned all over nevertheless he struck it with his sword.

 The dragon fell backwards on to the floor then Hercules saw his chance, to kill the dragon He determinedly stabbed it through the jaw with his sword. Did the dragon collapsed to the floor DEAD!

When he got back to the palace he was mad at his brother for setting him on all these labours so in return he killed his brother and became king for ever.


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