Ping Pong Poetry

The school's new table tennis table (thanks to the PTA) arrived this evening! Here's a poem about the great game of ping pong - to pick up the tone and feel of this fast moving piece of writing try reading it fairly quickly, out loud.

The Point

With upward palm,
I take good care,
To toss the ball,
And slice the air.

It clears the net,
His backhand side,
He pushes long,
And really wide.


But on the fall,
I do no wrong,
Brushing the ball,
My topspin's strong.

He now retreats,
And counter-drives,
My footwork fails,
As the ball arrives.

I fish it out,
It curves and screams,
He doesn't look ready,
Or so it seems.

He's winding up,
Target locked,
He tries to smash,
Ball is blocked.

And up it goes,
way over head,
Running backwards,
My shot is dead.

I lob it up,
Couldn't be higher,
His return is quick,
The ball's on fire!

Spinning fast,
And kicking clean,
My backhand push,
Is like a dream.

Kissing the net,
The ball is wide,
Opponent fumbles,
And almost denied.

He's chopping back,
And moving in,
His wild eyes crazy,
Like I shouldn't win.

I lunge and I twist,
Just gripping the blade,
But I hit the killer,
The point is made!

by Anon

Feeling creative? Why not have a go at writing a verse about a sport of your choice and posting it for us all to enjoy?

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