the nightmare


Slowly I wake from my agonizing nightmare and this is not the first time, I’m used to it. So I lay back down until I hear a scream from my sisters’ room, it sounds like the devils from hell reaching down on me. I don’t get up to see her because she is just the same as me, nightmare...wake up...nightmare... wake up, same every day, it’s never different! I hear footsteps coming from her room, but why is she getting out of her bed? It’s not like her to do that in the middle of the night, shes usually in it until about twelve o’clock. Slowly she peeks her head around the door...this is not my sister! My head slings up and bangs viciously against the eaves...but it didn’t hurt. Why? It’s now becoming clear, I’m dreaming, I pinch myself to double check, can’t feel a thing. After about five minutes of exploring my nightmare [yes that’s right I explore my nightmares instead of hiding under my covers like a wimp] I wake up and I really hope I’m not dreaming. After all of this drama I decide to go down stairs for a drink of water, as I sit and sip the shaking water there’s a thump upstairs, but this is probably nothing to worry about so I finish of my drink and slump back upstairs. As I reach my room the first thing I see are a pile of books on the floor, I don’t get scared by this, I’m not a wimp so I go over to the now broken books and put them back in their home. As I do this I see a ripple in the wall next to me, it could only be my tiredness, I think to myself, but as this next event happens I know it’s not. A big brown, rough hand reaches out at me and scratches right along my stomach. My heart skips a beat. I leap back into my bed and hide under the covers [like a wimp.] Now I think I have woken up, but just to double check I pinch myself, but as I do this I notice a mark on my arm ,its red like someone has pinched me. I think... no this could not be true it could only be a coincidence. As I lay there in my bed staring at the sealing I feel something touching my head, I cannot handle this for any longer and sprint into the farthest room from my room [the bathroom.]As I crouch in the corner of the room I see myself in the mirror...wait a minute...there’s a big swollen lump on my head. This is probably a coincidence but I’m still a bit worried. When I think I’m safe I’m about to go back into my room when my eyes open and I’m back in my room. Now I’m feeling hot so I take my top of and feel a sharp pain there’s a big red scratch...NO WAY!                  

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 02 Mar 14 at 1:29pm | Quote this comment
Wow! Well done, Fin - this is a gripping read and I really enjoyed the tension throughout. I like the style you've adopted for your character too.

Paragraphing would've made it even better.

Is this the start of something or a one-off? I'd love to read more of your creations. 8)
Comment 2 Comment by Finlay E on 04 Mar 14 at 7:55pm | Quote this comment
This was my 500 words story.I will find out in april if i got into the second round.Im so exited :lol: !
Comment 3 Comment by Elizabeth W on 20 Mar 14 at 10:18am | Quote this comment
Wow fin you've put loads of time into this it's sooo gripping! :roll:

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