Oliver D's delightful factoids number 23

This time I coud not find any long facts about France so you are going to be lucky today. Because I am putting FOUR yes FOUR facts up. Enjoy:

1. It’s illegal to name a pig Napoleon in France.

2. France was originally named Lutetia.

3.The most visited attraction in Paris isn’t the Eiffel Tower (5.5 million), or the Louvre (5 million), but Disneyland Paris at 13 million people a year.

And finally:

4. The Eiffel Tower is a radio becon.

QUIZ:do you know which famous building this is?(tip:it is used in a film)

do you know what this is?

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 28 Nov 13 at 10:34am | Quote this comment
[I won't spoil 4 as I've been there!]

Great factoids, Oliver! At this point I should disclose that all/most of these 'factoids' come from Oliver's encyclopaedic brain! He is a wealth of knowledge.

But I'm still pleased that I managed to add a couple more to your repertoire on Friday ;)

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