Homework – Cinquain Poems

On Thursday, some of the year six children researched Cinquain poems and fedback to the rest of the class.  If you scroll down on this blog, you can see Will and Ben’s post which shows the three different types of Cinquain Poems.

For your homework this week I would like you to use the model of the second type of poem. It is structured like this:

Line 1: A Noun

Line 2: 2 Adjectives

Line 3: Three ‘ing’ words

Line 4: A Phrase

Line 5: Another word for the noun

Here is an example:                              Caterpillar 
                                                    Relentless, Ravenous 
                                          Constructing, Evolving, Emerging 
                                                   Wondrous gift of nature 

Remember to ‘choose your words carefully’. You do not have many words to play with, make each one count and consider what effect these words have on the person reading. This week please write the poems down on paper in your best hand-writing. I would like to put some more of your poems up on the wall for people to see. Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget spelling books on Monday!!

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