This is somthing else i wrote in my spare time hope you injoy it!

“Quinn!” Luke said his face angry but his body language proved otherwise, calm. Keeping his emotions under control, agitated by Quinn’s utter stupidity, Luke gave him a punch in the thigh “Ah what was that for man!” Quinn bellowed rubbing his leg, “Dude be quiet, you’re going to get us in...” he was interrupted by a sudden “eh err” as Mrs Hawkins cleared her throat to get their attention, whilst she gave Luke an evil stare with hollow eyes. It was not very threatening because she was about two inches shorter than him with a face that could only be referred to as a football with glimmers of facial hair, “And do not interrupt my lesson again is that clear?” “Yes miss” Luke replied. She turned and continued to talk about how gravity effects every ones growth. Which was weird considering it was a Chinese lesson. Quinn was fairly tall with black hair that looked like he had come from a washing machine. Luke was slightly taller with fairly long blondish hair that was always clean and combed daily. The lights died and the school was plummeted into darkness, the fire bell unexpectedly rang causing a lot of sudden commotion in the claustrophobic prison of a class. Quinn jumped banging his knee on the cheap plastic desk. Everyone lined up at the impenetrable wooden door that enclosed the class. Luke and Quinn were at the back and some kid they didn’t know at the front, he was new and had dull, well black eyes a bit like a fish but a lot stranger. Was his name Jake or John? The thought crossed everyone’s mind, “It is just another practise” but oh how wrong they were .They trudged through the seemingly endless corridor. And when they thought it would never stop they reached the end. They lined up outside the front of the school. Two building blocks of the school where just, gone, like they had never been there, nothing but rubble. And then the screaming hit like an elephant ramming you right in the chest. The screaming was because of the bodies. Who could have done this? Or what could have done this?        

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Comment 1 Comment by Ben S on 21 Jan 13 at 8:24am | Quote this comment
Well done will! Written in the style of Gone by Michael Grant, I presume. Brilliant piece, I would love to find out what happens next!

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