love vs death part two .lucky ecscape

I hope you have enjoyed the first part of this book .This book isn't all entirely about Christmas its mostly about two people that have a life together.I will keep on posting parts of this book .I hope you really enjoy this book , because i know i just wanted to cry to my friends . Because this probably does happen in real life .


I woke up with my face covered in spit slime , " eh" I said to myself as I climbed out  of bed .I heard a phone , straight away I recognised that It wasn't anyone's phone In our family, so I Went downstairs , face to face was me and that man .

" WHY CANT YOU LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE " HUH " . He got a lamp and threatened me . So I stepped back then got a bar of chocolate that gave me a cream temtation. But I realised I really shouldn't . so I told than man who sent you tell me now , because I don't like being any were near you . Do you understand. I said do you understand me , so just go or El's_ " or else what " "Ha" he turned his back on me and left

"Dave Its that man that tossed me out the window and has been following me for ages I honestly am scared " " As Long as we are together youll be safe by true love Isabella

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