The elf of pure evil (Part 1)

As Tom finally realised what had just happened, he thought "This is all my fault. I knew that my ex-mum had struggled at work and was extrermally stressfull." He stood, only to find (making matters worse) that he had sprained his right ankle during the comotion. "Arrgh!!" He screamed in pain as he seized a stone from his injury. It had been thrown at him... But who? Who would do such a thing? As if on cue a slumped dwarf of an elf came out of the wilderness. Through his mix of fear confusion and sadness he somehow managed to mutter "Was it you?" The little creature looked confused "WAS IT YOU!!" his anger was fuming, as it was he could hardly resist the juciness of punching the little stranger "Please..." What? How could it talk? Just at that instant Tom was grabbed by what looked like 2 thugs "Take him away" He heard... He was now a prisoner, a prisoner of an elf? Before he could think any longer he was tossed like a baby with a ragdol into a modern Toyota... His mind was full of questions: Who was this elf? where was he going? And what was in store for him? He forgot his worries and managed, over the rev of the engine to doze into a troubled sleep...         

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