love vs death part 1 long love

Love vs. death part 1. long living love

It was December the 23rd nearly Christmas, me and Dave were in the garden getting our children when all of a sudden, I came into the kitchen for a drink- “AHHHH”I screamed as a man in a mask came charging to me .I reversed to the glass door that led to the garden, I didn’t stop, so I ran through glass I fell Dave and the kids couldn’t get into the kitchen so they ran to the nearest house in sight.

“Where is she doctor“” Isabella “he shouted id only woken up he came in, he collapsed onto his knees begging for love. …. “Doctor said I’m allowed to g- WHATS THAT ON YOUR HAND IZABELLA”        it said, I’m coming for you – o no Dave its that man in the creepy mask. “I LOVE Y- “I just had a heart attack ……

I woke up the very next day on the sofa with hundreds of stitches, all I could feel was agany. It was Sunday I had only just told Dave to take the children swimming, when at that procice minute the kids screamed. I raced up stairs I saw a flash in lily’s bedroom I knew straight away who that was it was extremely obvious, I sprinted with a massive stitch inside my body.  Luckily I stopped him but he tossed me throw the window then he catapulted after me I literally. Shouted “I LOVE YOU DAVE” that was only thing I could possible say at that moment.

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