Cat OVer-boeard

Once apon a time a cat named nibbls and famie went to the beach. His mum said your scard of the water. He dmandid to  go so he jumed into the picnic box and was aball to go to the beach.

He codnte belive it a beach a reall  beach . I ran out like a speey gonzlary but I went to far. I axer


dentle ran into the sea and? I forgot cats cant swim I was going nuts I tell you nuts. I was beging for help . Then a life gard did his job and saved my life. I folod him home .It was brill he said in a cat voies I said fanck you loved him for ever but he codunt look affder me so he. throe me rapdly out the door and all i had was a peas of paper wiche Im yousing .the paper has neraly ran out so good by...

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