Doomsday: prologue, part 1

Me colourTo Whom It May Concern: the following articles in my book are not for the faint hearted. It is set in the future, where the mafia rule the world. We find ourselves in an unknown universe where control has gone on holiday. So sit back, relax and prepare yourself for, my book, Doomsday…

Prologue: The year was 2052, and apocalypse was nearing. Organized crime had taken over, throwing all sanity out the window. Malicious barons and baronesses controlled various sectors, which made up what was called the Network. Aside from the housing estates where the rich and powerful lived, poverty reigned. Windows were shattered, the floors covered in vermin, roofs just pieces of corrugated iron. It was like everyone had gone on holiday, and never came back.

The mafia head quarters were in London, sector 49, the cabinet war rooms to be exact. A layer of protection that would stop a radioactive missile had been fitted when they moved in. An SAS trained soldier guarded every room, defending it with the latest submachine gun. Some offices even had bulletproof glass and walls made of concentrated titanium. Everything that happened, that was of any relevance, anwhere in the world, would have been issued by this building. Apart from anything that happened with the rebels. 

   That concludes the first page of my book. I hope you enjoyed it and if you did please leave a comment!


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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 16 Dec 12 at 9:12pm | Quote this comment
Good start, Ben!

Like William St did, it's nice to see someone write within a different period of time other than present day. It does, however, mean that you need to know your stuff and show that you've got a handle on what life was/will be like then! I think you've shown glimmers of that here. [Take care with your tenses later on!]

I'm already thinking through a few questions:

-What had caused apocalypse to arise near that time?
-How had the scales of crime and order been tipped for the worse?
-Who will be your protagonist (main character)?
-What's going to develop so as to shake the "faint-hearted"?

I'm looking forward to finding out the answers, Ben! I'm sure others are too ;-)
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Jones on 17 Dec 12 at 1:14pm | Quote this comment
You have really "hooked me in" with this prologue, Ben. You have introduced some ideas that I now want to see developed in the following chapters. I am particularly interested to discover who the Network are and what they do.
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Clements on 17 Dec 12 at 2:42pm | Quote this comment
The characters that intrigue me the most are the rebels. The romantic, idealist in me hopes that these are the people who will turn out to be the true heroes of your story, rescuing the world from the devastation and destruction that the The Network appears to threaten. I do hope I'm right.

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