The Birthday Surprise

It was a hot sunny afternoon and the sun shone like the flash on a camera. The Smiths were having a party in their back garden for their son Michael, who had recently turned five. The pool outside was a dazzling aqua blue, sparkling in the heat of the sun.

Michael was a shredding machine as he frantically opened presents from all his friends....there was lego, playdough, a sandpit and much more. Just as Michael thought there were no more presents to open he heard the most surprising shout.

"Happy Birthday Michael!" cried a voice from up high. Michael looked upwards and saw his Uncle John grinning down at him with big comical eyes. He watched open mouthed as his Uncle John was a rocket, launching himself up high into the air. Within a heartbeat, Uncle John had landed with an almighty splash onto the inflatable crocodile which had, up until then, been bobbing peacefully across the pool. Michael watched in horror at the scene before him in which his favourite Uncle now appeared to be a wrestling champion, attacking the helpless crocodile!

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Stanton on 18 Dec 12 at 10:41am | Quote this comment
Love it Erin! I really like how you have continued the theme of the metaphor in more than one place. Very good quality writing :-)

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