day dream wonder

" HA MUM " i shouted as i walked amongst the edge of the crystal blue water . "Can we go on a dingy "i loudly gasped as my mouth went from closed to as if i looked like a pig that swallowed one smelly, mouldy golf ball. Besides that she let me and kate the cat hire a dingy . we got and went out into sea  but then all of a sudden kate saw something in the water , i thought it was something playing mind games on her but it wasnt . "GOOD DAY MATES " said a australian man on half a boat , he said  " Is hat your kitty " i said yes as kate quickly catapolted into the water . The Australian man jumped and saved the cat . WHEN we got on the beach the man did mouth to  mouth on kate , it was a totall knight mare it was like a old lady perferably MRS butcher my nan . It was a sad day for everyone.

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