It was a magnifasent Sunday morring in glostershire so the Macan famely decided to go out in the new diggy they had just bort. Every one enjoyed them selves (including the family cat who had taken a little nap in the snack bag.) Then all of a sudden the little diggy hit a sunarmy of a wave and the poor cat flung out of the boat crashing into the water. After seeing that halereas sight mady, the youngest dorter, jummped into the freezing water in an efot to save the living furr ball that was there cat. 



                                                      THE (WET) END!

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Comment 1 Comment by Christopher L on 12 Dec 12 at 7:11pm | Quote this comment
Great work Ed! My favorite part was all the description and phrases including magnificent, tsunami of a wave and hilarious. :lol:

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