Zola's scare

“ Mayowa, get over here boy,” shouted Zola, having to raise her voice over the cries of the injured, “You could be killed. Come quick boy, it’s safe in here.”

Mayowa swiftly dodged the abandoned bodies lying on the ground and dashed into his mother’s arms. Behind him, thunderous bangs were echoing through the valley as deafening as a lion's roar.

Zola was relieved to have Mayowa safe, away from the mines waiting to explode. Now was the task of finding Zara, her daughter.

Zola was experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions, but she was determined to keep her family alive.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 10 Dec 12 at 9:54am | Quote this comment
A compelling and gripping start, Emily. Can we read more? ;-)
Comment 2 Comment by Alex L on 14 Dec 12 at 5:03pm | Quote this comment
I really like it Emiy! Especially your metaphor.

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