Literacy Homework 8/12/12

Cat-Sized Capsize

Over the roars of the waves, the excited squeals of the children rang in the air. Dorothy was a fire engine siren, her piercing cries echoing round the sandy bay. This was their first outing in their new inflatable dingy, pulled ferociously through the foaming waves by their Dad’s power boat.

Suddenly, a big wave tumbled next to the dingy and the family cat (smuggled out of the house earlier) was catapulted out the unstable craft. In her haste to rescue the cat, the middle child tumbled out of the boat too! Struggling to keep her head above the water, the little cat on her shoulder, she could see the boat speeding into the distance.

Up on the bay, a surfer had seen what had happened. Swiftly he surfed up to her, dragging her onto the board. Her parents were on the shore shouting anxiously at the life guard.

“Excuse me Madame, but is that her?” he replied pointing at the sea.

Imagine the parents’ amazement when one of their daughters surfed into the bay with their cat, Tommy, beside her!

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Stanton on 11 Dec 12 at 2:13pm | Quote this comment
Great work Ellen, nice to see you attempting the Gold objective and developing that metaphor!

Lizzy, could you repost your article as an article rather than a comment - then we can comment on your story individually.

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