The 5Ws (and an H) of Journalistic writing

Technology is increasingly a major part of our everyday lives. We use the internet daily with most homes now having access; some of us even have mini computers in our pocket. The Iphone and other smart phones have changed the way we access information and the way we hear or read the news. Instead of buying a paper and sitting down to the six o’clock news, some of us get our phones out or log on-line to view our preferred newspapers on a

That said, some things never change and Class India have this week been studying the 5Ws of journalistic writing. This week’s homework was to find a news article online and to comment online what the 5Ws of that piece were. (Remember children to say where your article was from) 


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Comment 1 Comment by Emily J on 07 Oct 12 at 3:20pm | Quote this comment
From 'The Daily Telegraph'

Duchess heads north for a whirlwind of royal duties
Who: The duchess of Cambridge.
What: She will begin her busiest working week as a royal.
Where: On home soil.
When: On Monday.
Why: Because she is now a working member of the royal family.
Comment 2 Comment by Ben S on 07 Oct 12 at 3:24pm | Quote this comment
I did a article from the Wotton gazette, which, surprisingly, was written by my Dad! Who: Wotton rovers U9's. What: a match against Rodborough. When: 29th September. Where: Rodborough. Why: for the Gary lee shield.
Comment 3 Comment by Eloise W on 07 Oct 12 at 4:03pm | Quote this comment
Headline - Frozen Mammoth Found By An 11 Year Old Boy

Who: 11 year old boy.
What: The boy found a frozen woolly mammoth
Where: By a river in northern Russia
When: Friday 5th October 2012
Why: The woolly mammoth got uncoverd from the mud but the article didn't say how. :lol:
Comment 4 Comment by Alex L on 07 Oct 12 at 4:08pm | Quote this comment
I got my 5w's from an online newspaper. The website was and it was about a boy who died after inhaling laughing gas. I did'nt manage to find a how but I did find the 5w's . They are:

Who-Joseph Bennet
Where-In Hetfordshire
When-Thursday 27th september 2012
Why-He inhaled laughing gas
Comment 5 Comment by Ismay L on 07 Oct 12 at 5:35pm | Quote this comment
On the newsround wesite I found a report on this 11 year old boy who found the remanes of a decomposing wolly mammoth. These are the five W and the How...

who: 11 year old boy.
what: Wolly Mammoth.
where: A remote part of northern Russia.
when: About the 4 October.
why: there was an unpleasant smell.
how: he saw the heels of the mammoth sticking out of the cliff face.

From Ismay
Comment 6 Comment by Ismay L on 07 Oct 12 at 6:03pm | Quote this comment
On newsround I've found a new discovery that is really creapy it is called... Pegomastax africanus it's really confusing but it 5 Ws and a how are ....

who: scientists.
what: dinosuar called Pegomastax africanus.
where: soth africa.
when: it was first discovered in 1983.
why: because the scientist never got round to doing it ( I think ).
how: fossils in south africa.

From Ismay
Comment 7 Comment by Ellen B on 07 Oct 12 at 6:38pm | Quote this comment
I looked at a story in The Gazette about Blue Coat having to take down its wind turbine. I found who, where, what, when and why in the introduction. I also found indirect and direct speech, a byline and facts and stats.
Who - Bluecoat school
Where - Wotton
When - August
What - remove turbine
Who - receiving a noise abatment notice.
Comment 8 Comment by Erin J on 08 Oct 12 at 1:14pm | Quote this comment
I got my article from newsround:
Who:Scientists from Japan
What:found out that staring at cute animals makes you concentrate more.
Where:Hiroshima University in Japan
When:? (didn't say)
Why:Just to experiment, and see if it made people concentrate more on experiments to get better results.
Comment 9 Comment by Archie C on 08 Oct 12 at 4:06pm | Quote this comment
Ashley Cole ( who )has apologized (what) for an angry outburst against the FA, following the release of more information about the John Terry racism case.
The England and Chelsea defender had given evidence in support of team-mate Terry to an independent FA commission.
But when the full details of their report were released on Friday morning ( when ) it questioned whether Cole's statements about what happened had changed.
Cole then called the FA a rude name on Twitter (where) before apologising hours later.
"Unreserved" apology
He later deleted the tweet and issued an "unreserved" apology for his outburst.
He said: "I had just finished training and saw the captions on the TV screens in the treatment rooms about what was said in the FA commission ruling about me." ( why)
"I was really upset and tweeted my feelings in the heat of the moment. I apologise unreservedly for my comment about the FA", he added.
Comment 10 Comment by Lauren A on 08 Oct 12 at 4:15pm | Quote this comment
I looked at the Newsround website and there was a story about a boy who couldn't go to school in case he came into contact with the things he is allergic to. This could cause his windpipe to close which would kill him, so he sends a robot instead. I also looked at the Daily Mail website but neither website had the when.
Who: Devon Carrow
What: he sends a robot to school
Where: New York in America
Why: because he has lots of allergies so he can’t go to school.
Comment 11 Comment by Ed M on 08 Oct 12 at 5:44pm | Quote this comment
report by: news round.
Who: Vladimir Umanets.
What: Graffiti on the Black On Maroon painting
Where: Tate modern gallery in London
When: Does not say.
Why: Does not say
Comment 12 Comment by Lizzy G on 09 Oct 12 at 3:40pm | Quote this comment
what:save animals
when:from now on
why:animals dieing
Comment 13 Comment by James B on 09 Oct 12 at 6:06pm | Quote this comment
BBC News round

Who: Thad Starr
What: He won a giant pumpkin competition
When: Tuesday 9th October
Where: USA
Why: To use the prize money to take his family to Disneyland.
Comment 14 Comment by Mary on 09 Oct 12 at 8:43pm | Quote this comment
My report is on a skydiver aiming to reach speeds faster than sound!!
Here are my 5Ws:

Who: Felix baumgartner
what: Attempt to break speed of sound
When: Wednesday 10th October 2012
Where: Roswell, New Mexico, United states
Why: To break a record
How: Jumping out of a balloon 23 miles above ground
(report from CBBC's Newsround)
Comment 15 Comment by Charlie R on 10 Oct 12 at 7:11am | Quote this comment
Who: Devon Carrow.
What: Replaces himself for £3000 Robo-Swot instead of him for school!
Where: New York, USA.
Why: He has lots of allergies and is to ill to go to school.
When: Thursday 4th October.
Comment 16 Comment by Stanley W on 10 Oct 12 at 5:21pm | Quote this comment
The Independent, October 4th 2012

New Centre Provides a Golden Opportunity For Children

Who - Starfish Trust/Beaches road pure school
What - New building (sparkling new building)
Why - Support and get children active and into sport
Where - Gloucestershire
When - No
Comment 17 Comment by William St on 10 Oct 12 at 7:07pm | Quote this comment
The guardian
Who: BAE and EADS
What: Canceld talks about merging companies
When: Wednesday 10 October 2012
Where: Europe
Why: Politics :lol:
Comment 18 Comment by Ellie S on 10 Oct 12 at 7:22pm | Quote this comment
metro:This will bamboozle them...

Who:tao tao
What:Baby panda relished to the wild
Where:South west China wolong nature reserve
When:9th October
Why:old enoughto be relised ;-)
Comment 19 Comment by Jennifer on 11 Oct 12 at 7:04am | Quote this comment
Who : Arnold Lane
What :Fancied for success in the Beckford Challenge Cup
When : 3.35 Ascot today.
Why : Its a horse that keeps on pushing
Where : Ascot Race Course
How: The ground is back in his back in his favour .
Comment 20 Comment by Olivia B on 11 Oct 12 at 6:15pm | Quote this comment
My work is presented on Lance Armstrong, a famous cyclist.I have found this Imformation from bbc news.
who:Lance armstrong.
what:a record holder in cycling.
where:France [Tour de France].
why:he took banned substances to make him perform significantly better than his rivals.
Comment 21 Comment by Grace W on 11 Oct 12 at 7:02pm | Quote this comment
I looked on the News Round website too ,and found this.

Who: Malala Yousafzai.

What: She was targeted by the Taliban as she was travelling on her school bus.

Where: Her hometown in Pakistan's Swat Valley .

When: Wednesday 10th October.

Why: Because she campaigned for Girls Rights.
Comment 22 Comment by Jessica R on 04 Nov 12 at 5:14pm | Quote this comment
Mine is from War and Peace 1940.

who:The towns people from Bristol.

What:The second world war and what happened.

Why:Because Hitler wanted a perfect race.



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