A big welcome back from Mr Herring!

Brilliant to have you all back - I'm looking forward to a jam-packed year with lots of learning and laughter! As Class India, here's a quick question for you - what do the four colours of the Indian flag represent? The first person to 'comment' the correct answer will earn 3 team points! 

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Comment 1 Comment by William H on 28 Nov 11 at 7:36pm | Quote this comment
The saffron colour denotes renunciation or disinterestedness. The white in the centre is light. The green shows our relation to (the) soil, our relation to the plant life here, on which all other life depends. The "Ashoka Chakra" in the centre of the white is the wheel of the law of dharma. The wheel denotes motion. There is death in stagnation. There is life in movement.

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