Racing to the finish!

With 8 days left of term, I want to set the children of class India a challenge - to complete one more piece of fantastic artwork! Art has traditionally been part of the Olympic Games and many contemporary artists have depicted great sporting events. It would be brilliant if we could work towards creating various pieces of artwork that suggest movement of some sort - Usain Bolt crossing the finishing line, Jessica Ennis hurdling to victory, Tom Daley splashing for gold!

To help us with this, if you could collect and post some of your favourite Olympic artwork - we can then talk about the techniques they might have used to show 'movement' in their work. Here are a couple of pieces that I really like...

Or if you just want to start drawing but need a bit of inspiration, here's a cartoonist who can teach you how to draw a character running. Maybe you can change the character's features (e.g clothes) to turn them into an Olympic sprinter?

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