Olympics quiz!

This is the Olympics quiz where if you get one of these ten questions right go straight to Mr Herring so you can get a precious team point, and to help your team! As well you can surf the internet to learn all of these educational facts.

1. When will the London Olympics take place?
a. September the 15th to October the 2nd?
b. March the 19th to May the 12th?
c. July the 27th to August the 12th?
d. December the 1st to January the 1st?

2. Why are the Olympics called the Olympics?
a. Because the person who made it up used his second name to make up the Olympics name.
b. It started in Olympia, Greece.

3. Where did the Olympics start?
a. London.
b. Greece.

4. What was the first competition?
a. Foot races.
b. Football.
c. Javelin.

6. Who are the two Olympic mascots?
a. Steve and Tom.
b. Wenlock and Mandiville.

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