Queeny Quiz!

Here's a little taste of the some of the questions I might ask you in tomorrow's quiz. Remember, points mean prizes - could be worth doing a little bit of research tonight!

1. In which month was the Queen born?
2. What was the Queen's sister's name?
3. Where was Princess Elizabeth when she celebrated her 21st birthday?
4. What is described in the Coronation service as 'the most valuable thing'?
5. When was the Queen's wedding day?
6. Name the Queen's children.
7. What is the name of the Queen's home in Scotland?
8. How old is Prince Philip?

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Comment 1 Comment by Jude W on 31 May 12 at 6:23pm | Quote this comment
Born: April
Sister:Princess Margaret
21st birthday: Royal Tour of south Africa :eek:
Most Valuable thing:Bible
Wedding: 20 November 1947
Queens Children:Edward, Andrew, Charles and Anne
Home in Scotland: Holyroodhous
Philip:90 years old

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