Beast Within

I’m charging through the forest, I dare not stop. My legs fly. My arms blur. Leaping over logs, I gain speed, I have to get away! My breath turns into ragged gasps as I thunder through the forest. Never looking back. Never going back. The light grows fainter as the Queens guards withered into the forest background. I look down and all I see are gnarled, grey paws. What am I?

The immediate danger gone, I slump against a great oak. Taking in fresh air, my body heaves and falls. The strain shows and blue blood seeps out of wounds. Although my body is scarred it is nothing compared to my tormented mind. Those awful words still linger. I long to be rid of them, but nothing works. Breathing back to normal, I heave my self onto my feet and again I bound off into the forest.

The Queen seethed with frustration as her royal guard trudged back empty handed.
“I told you to kill him”! she screeched. The guards were suddenly very interested in their boots. “We tried your majesty but he got away,” the guard mumbled. The Queen had a sudden steel in her voice, "Well try again you rat and don’t disappoint me!”

I have realised what I am, I am a wolf! And with that thought I ripped off a chunk of succulent deer, energy coursed through me.

As he devours his meal, the royal guard were getting ever closer. They smash through the undergrowth like tanks, towards the oblivious form of the wolf.

Suddenly my ears prick up. I can hear something trundling towards me. With a jolt I’m up. Sprinting away I can hear voices. Glancing back I make a fatal mistake. I slip on a log. CRACK! I look round and my leg is twisted at a sickenly angle. I drag myself to the undergrowth. Lying prone, waiting for the guards. They storm past and I lie still, not daring to move. The sound grows fainter and I make my move right into the path of a sweeper...

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