Is she a spy?

She was sitting at the table with agent BOOM and the base commander plotting and scheming their latest most advanced plan to steal the Russian nuclear launch codes. The commander whispered in a low voice, “Your mission if you choose to accept it is to penetrate deep in to the Russian base and retrieve the launch codes.”

Boom who was first to except it had short brown hair, deep blue eyes and mainly an expressionless mouth which only seemed to move when he talked. Your more unlikely spy was sitting relaxed back in her reclined chair was the queen; well I don’t really need to explain what she looks like because you’ve all probably seen what she looks like. Surprisingly the elderly woman stood up and in a loud voice screamed.


The skilled Apache helicopter pilot hung back off the base so that the trained sniper could get an easy shot on the squad of guards at the front entrance. The sniper pulled back the bolt and BANG! There was a blood-curdling scream as the bullet penetrated thick into the skull of the guard and ensuring the death by making sure the bone ripped out the other side of the head as the body suddenly crumpled to the ground. A guard was down and again and again the sniper was picking them all off one by one until the front of the base was completely clear of enemies. The Apache moved closer to the base so it could let down a ladder so they could just walk through the front door.

The Queens high-heels went clip clop clip clop on the marble floor of the reception room. Suddenly a squad of guards came around the corner and they had to dive for cover behind the receptionist’s desk. The Queen took off her high-heels and chucked them at the guard it hit them in the back of the head.

“I knew these would come in handy,” she whispered.

Luckily there was a map in the receptionists draw so they could see where the codes were.


“Sssshhhhhhh some one will hear you”.

The carpets of the corridor were delightful on the queen’s feet. A sharp turn and there it was the huge titanium door that they had been looking for towered above them.

“We're going to have to go under exclaimed BOOM, I do happen to have the right gadget for this situation he slammed a little metal dish on to the ground and as it began to spin it took away the carpet and the foundations and the mud until it started to go up the other side. They went down the slope and back up again until they saw it the metal case which contained the codes BOOM grabbed it and ran they ran for their life for the helicopter. The ladder was just coming down they didn’t even need to climb they just told the pilot to go back to base.

Yes she really is a spy. Would this be the Queen’s last mission.

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