A Visit to the Arcade

One day the queen, who was bored, decided to go to the arcade. She was getting one installed into her palace and wanted to test one out. So she did.

Her fingers clicked as the chauffeur dashed towards her helping her into her 35 meter long, triple powered air-con installed, integrated leather padding, impulse incensed, snow white limo and with an almighty rev of the engine they were off.

After the rollercoaster like ride they entered the arcade; above their eyes stood a big red sign saying “ANDY'S ARCADES” with a thick jet black outline.

The queen’s eyes were stuck like glue to the racing car game. And as quick as a flash she hopped onto the seat, got into gear and rolled the pound coin into the slot. Getting comfy she wiggled her bottom on the rock solid plastic chair and in the strangest voice ever it said, “TOP PRIZE £100; YES I SAID £100.” She wasn’t all that bothered but she nodded a little.

Just about to set off, another limo pulled up... it was child hood enemy David Cameron. Smartly stepping out of his vehicle he drew his shades from his pocket and began to head straight towards the racing car games. He spoke, “Hey Liz, I challenge you to a race.” “Your on Cameron,” she said in a boasting like way.

Suddenly the tension grew, “And in car one we have the one the only queen Liz,” the machine cheered. “And in car two we have the man of the machine David Cameron,” said the voice of the game.

Both of the gear sticks snapped into gear and as the green light flashed the pedal held down under the finely polished metallic-black leather shoe of David Cameron, and as he held it down both chairs vibrated causing uncomfortable wedgies with their backsides!

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