Good, now I know I can trust you.
It was only a small earthquake. Just big enough to rattle the post office down in the street and tremor the tiles on the top of many houses and buildings. Storme, had made many earthquakes. Not many were big, but she was on a mission to make the biggest. There was just one problem. It was hard to concentrate with two bothering parents and one annoying little sister, so Storme is forced to keep the bedroom door locked, locked, and triple locked, just in case some idiotic person comes in and knocks over a flask of crimson acid onto the floor, creating a never ending doompit of dark, damp nothingness.
Storme was a CRAZY scientist, her room full of pots and flasks, and test tubes with bugs in, being fed small chips of cucumber and carrot.
“STORME!” called her pestering mother from downstairs. Storme walked over to her door stuck her head out and peered down the hardwood stairs.
“Ugh, what do you want, Mum,” came the reply.
“There is someone here to see you.”
“CANT YOU TELL I'M BUSY?” she shouted and slammed her door shut, making the room rattle and shake. So much in fact that a glass of crimson acid fell to the floor, Storme could only watch in horror as it shattered into sharp pieces of broken glass, and fizzing bubbles.
A hole appeared in the very centre of the room, cracking and splintering on the floor, sending tiny cuttings of wood in all directions. Stome leapt onto the bed watching as the hole got slowly bigger and bigger...

It was now as big as a small kitchen table and gradually getting deeper and deeper. Moments later the doompit was devastatingly huge, and still ongoing. Numerous shelves of flasks and pots had fallen into the unforgivable pit, and still, accelerating in speed.

There was now nothing left of Storme’s room apart from her bed that was screwed tightly into the cold stone wall.
“ARE YOU READY YET, STORME?” She had forgotten her mother was waiting for her down stairs with someone. She had no choice but to climb out the window shuffle down the drain pipe and shoot in the kitchen window, since she now had no floor and her bed was by the window so she did just as she planned. As she was in the kitchen she saw someone.
“Err... hi... your... Majesty?”
“ I acquire your opinion. You see, I don’t really like somebody, I hate them in fact. So... could you make an earthquake so it can kill them?” Now, out of everything in the world, Storme would never expect the Queen to say that!
“I think I have a better idea, your majesty,” she replied, “Have you heard of a doompit?”

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