The worst jubilee ever!

“Come on Holly,” called the queen as she reached on top of her perfectly polished draws. “Lets make my jubilee list, so who do you think I should have?” “Woof!” “Oh yes we should have Emma, how about Abby? She’s always so kind and polite, just what I like.” So, the queen and Holly made their list and with that they were making the invitations. Weeks later...

“Oh Willow, my darling baby what do you think I should wear? How about the white one since its MY jubilee its going to be the best one ever and I’m wearing the perfect sparkly dress," said the queen in a very posh voice. So the queen carefully walked down the squeaky stairs and pulled open the door, and...

“SURPRISE!” “Ahhhhh what on earth are you doing?” “Making this day memorable that’s what you wanted isn’t it?” said guest number 1. “Yes but I was thinking more like lovely food, chatting with one another and this is exactly the opposite. Anyway whose hungry why don’t you try this it’s absolutely delicious," asked the queen. The queen had a big cheesy grin but instead the guest munched into the cake and shouted, "DISGUSTING!” The queen looked shocked, “What that’s, my best cook you’re talking about.”

“But its half eaten and is making me feel very sick - I think I’ve got food poisoning...” “No this can’t be happening, this is supposed to be a happy jubilee full of laughter and excitement.” So the queen sighed and walked off to see someone else. “Ahhhh, what’s happened now there’s something up my dress,” called out guest number 2. “There’s nothing there!" "Yes there is look.” "Okay we can fix this can't we all we have to do is put traps everywhere and are problem will be fixed. Now I know why the food tasted horrible - it was rat droppings in the food.” “Bang bang bang went the traps. "It wasn’t the best but it surely was a very memorable Diamond Jubilee," whispered the queen at the end of a long day.

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