How can you drop an egg 6 feet without breaking it?

... By dropping it 7 feet - it won't break for the first 6!

This morning in class India we had an egg-citing time - the children had to design and build a case that would protect an egg when dropped from a height. After a fast paced and furious auction, each team had their building materials and were ready to put together their protective case. By 11:30 the designs were ready for testing - some worked better than others! Here are the snaps...

PS - why not share your favourite 'egg' joke by commenting on this post. Here's a couple from me:

How did the egg get up the mountain?
It scrambled up!

What did the egg do when the light turned green?
It egg-celerated!

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Comment 1 Comment by Lucy T on 27 May 12 at 2:48pm | Quote this comment
Heres my egg-celent joke;

Two eggs are sitting on a kitchen table.
One of them spots a whisk and asks: "What's that?"
The other egg replies: "Beats me"
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Herring on 30 May 12 at 6:50pm | Quote this comment
Brilliant Lucy - great joke - that deserves a Table Point tomorrow!

Any more for any more?!

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