Triglets for Dummies

A Triglet is a small furry creature about the size of a Cocker Spaniel and has long sharp claws protruding from its four paws. Its claws mean it can dig very fast and its strange ability to smell gold from up to 1 mile away means its primary use is as a miner.


The Triglet’s main habit is digging but another big habit is running and it is very fast for its stature.


If you want to train your Triglet to mine then read this article to learn how. First you need to find a patch of bare earth. Next turn it over so it is loose to about 2 feet of depth .Then scatter some coins through the soil right down to the bottom. Finally set you Triglet loose next to the earth and wait for it to bring the gold back to you. To make it more successful repeat the process but turn over more soil so there is a deeper hole of turned over soil. Then just keep repeating the process until you are happy with the depth your Triglet can search to.


To feed your Triglet simply drop some of the following in a bowl and give it to your Triglet. You could give it either a vegetarian diet feeding it on just: fruit and vegetables or an omnivorous diet giving it some chicken as well. Note: only give it chicken; any other meat will kill it instantly.


To give your Triglet exercise you can of course train it (look at paragraph 2 to learn how) or you can build a run for your Triglet. Once you have built your run hide some coins along it and set your Triglet loose in the run. Then watch it go crazy as it sniffs out the coins and tries to find them.

So there is how to train, feed and exercise your Triglet as well as some of its habits.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 01 May 12 at 12:32pm | Quote this comment
Some good ideas in this piece of writing Joe - your wide reading certainly shapes your imagination and your writing.

To improve this piece and really engage the reader, it would be great to have a variety of sentence starters. There is a bit too much repetition throughout e.g. To give, To feed, To make, Then, Then, Then.

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