Dummies guide to Triglets

Triglets are a safe ideal first pet for a young girl or boy around the age of 5.They are easy to care for and they are very calm. They only bite if they are insulted. Please read on to find out how to care for your very own triglet (or triglets).


A triglet is very easy to care for. It has to sleep on soft feather stuffed pillows other wise it will have nightmares and will scream or cry. They also have to sleep with a teddy because when they wake up the triglet will feel very lonely even if someone is in the room with them because triglets get goo in there eyes and they cant see human thing or other animals through it. They can see stuffed animals only slightly but that’s better because they will think it is a human. After 2 hours you have to wash there eyes out. You also have to regularly take it to the dentist because one of the only things it eats is sugar.


Triglets eat the fluffier bits of clouds but you cant get up to the clouds just to get your triglet food so you have to feed it candy floss instead. Triglets eat ANYTHING sweet with sugar in - it is the only thing they really eat. Handy tip: disguise there toothbrush as a candy one then put food colouring and banana flavouring in the toothpaste; say it’s a new type of candy and you rub it on there teeth. That’s how to get you triglet to brush there teeth.


Triglets like the hobbies that there owners like - some triglets have gone as far as collecting pokemon, dolls- houses, reborn dolls and stickers. A triglets main hobby is to go swimming on a Sunday with other triglets at the local pool.

That’s how to take care of your triglets. I hope this book helped you - thank you for reading.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 01 May 12 at 12:28pm | Quote this comment
Ella, this is a good piece of writing - well done! I like your use of description to tell the reader that triglets need to sleep on soft feather stuffed pillows.

Just a small growing green - you have used the incorrect 'there' throughout your writing. Do you know why, and what you need to replace them with?

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