Caring for Triglets

Caring for Triglets

The Triglet is a Latin creature, there species are over 1000 years old, its Latin name is Hobblebobblehob. It is quite hard to pronounce. Strangely, the Triglet only became a pet 200 years ago.


Triglets are quiet, calm creatures. Triglets absolutely love sliding in fresh slimy mud, however, they will only do this if another Triglet joins them. Triglets rely on each other. Triglets are mainly happy creatures, but, never get between them and their food, or you might end up as dinner!


Triglets mainly live in dark caves underneath the ground, because of this it is a good idea to put them in your basement, or, you could put them in a cage in a cellar. 1000 years ago, when Triglets had just been discovered, Triglets lived underneath Volcanoes.


Weirdly, Triglets will only eat human food, this is very odd as they live in caves underneath the ground. Most Scientists suggest that the reason they are always so thin is because they live underground, so they rarely get a chance to eat anything they like. The feeding schedule of Triglets is very precise, and if you do not stick to it, they will probably eat you!


The best feature on a Triglet is its brown, 1 metre long tail! Triglets have curly red hair all over their huge body, one facial feature that will shock you the most, is that they have bright blue forked tongues, literally they have 5 tongues! But although they have look odd, they move really gracefully.
They are beautiful to watch.


If your Triglet is not eating well, this is very common in their first week at a new home, try holding it up sideown and feed it.
Dr. Smophowaffle, who is an expert on Triglets,has recently discovered that Triglets (or Trigli) love having their long tails tickled.

If you are thinking of buying a Triglet, I hope this guide has helped.

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Em - some really good use of sentence work in this piece - various starters (including adverbs) and varying lengths. This works really well to keep me engaged and interested. You also use a good vocabulary which comes from reading widely - keep it up!

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