Caring for your Triglets

Triglets are great pets. Newly discovered in the Australian out back, by Tommy T Triglet, the Triglet is a type of sand viper and is EXTREMELY VENOMOUS. One drop of its poison will attack the heart and burst the veins and lungs - the victim will die of internal bleeding or drown in their own blood. But if you’re willing to take the risks then read on!


When your Triglet is young it will still feed on solid food. Live mice and pinkies mostly. When your Triglet gets bigger, about two feet it will feed on rabbits.


The Triglet is very intelligent and inquisitive. It will explore its habitat and learn from experience. Putting two or more Triglets in one cage is NOT RECOMMENDED they are very territorial and will kill each other.


The Triglet likes sandy environments (Triglets submerge in deep sand) you will need a hydrometer and a thermometer to keep your Triglet happy. They need a heat lamp and REAL rocks. Turn the lamp off at night and on ALL day.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 01 May 12 at 12:37pm | Quote this comment
William - another piece of good writing. Your reading and interests really enhance your writing and make it engaging and fascinating to read. You have also used capital letters to good effect in your piece to draw the readers attention to important details - well done!

My one growing green comment would be the need to conclude your piece - to make sure you finish a piece of writing in the given time frame.

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