Triglet care guide

Triglets are ancient creatures found in the very deepest parts of the darkest volcanoes. Very few people have ever seen a Triglet and only one of these people has returned alive. Read on to find out more.


Triglets are small sticks which have two eyes near the top of their body (the stick). At the side of their body there is one arm either side these arms look like miniature snowman arms and are capable of holding up twice there own weight. Their Legs are two little twigs which have three even smaller twigs as toes.


Triglets live in the darkest deepest caves in volcanoes like Mount Vesuvius; some times they use the lava flow to play games and to shoot them selves out of the volcano. This environment is perfect for them because they love hot places because the species birth place was the sun.


These creatures are brutal and savage beasts and will do anything to get you out of there way. Only one person has ever survived seeing the Triglets. Scientists are planning to send a team of specialists in to get a DNA sample from one of these Triglets this sample could be the key to getting one step closer to understanding these brutal beasts.


Triglets eat most things but most of all they love a good snack of human flesh, vital organs and bone. There most common dinner though is a nice juicy hyena pie and if they are board of that then they emerge from the volcano and munch on a nine cow.


To conclude these creatures are brutal and will tear anything apart in seconds. They also like to eat cows, hyenas and other animals which happen to wander their way. Report any sightings to this phone number 0872 587 925.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 01 May 12 at 12:42pm | Quote this comment
Harry - you have really stepped it up with your writing - well done! Much better to see you writing a decent amount, full of interesting ideas, facts and vocabulary. All of this combines to convince the reader that you really are an expert - I particularly liked this sentence: Triglets live in the darkest deepest caves in volcanoes like Mount Vesuvius. Brilliant stuff!

A small growing green - I wonder if you could vary the way in which you start paragraphs/sentences. Out of your six paragraphs, four of them start with exactly the same word. Varying your sentence starters would really engage the reader whilst giving you opportunity to communicate more information about the topic.

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