Broken bones, bandagages and blood!

This morning was our new topic launch - by 9:15 all the children in year 5/6 were patiently sat in the hall listening to Mr Bailey. All of a sudden, out of nowhere came a crash, a zap and a scream; Mrs Needham fell off her step-ladder, Mrs Spill got an electric shock, and Mrs Fowles came in with a knife deeply embedded into her hand (blood everywhere!). With chaos erupting, teachers and children in panic, Mr Carlton came to the rescue! Within moments he had control of the situation, and even went on to teach us the basics of DR ABC (3 Table Points for the first person to 'comment' what this stands for). We spent the rest of the morning learning and practicing how to bandage cuts, make a sling and put an unconscious person into the recovery position...

NB: Any blood seen in the following photos is artificial (ask Mr Brooks for the recipe!)

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Comment 1 Comment by Hannah D on 16 Apr 12 at 3:00pm | Quote this comment
call for help
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Herring on 16 Apr 12 at 3:46pm | Quote this comment
Well done Hannah - you've just got yourself 3 Table Points for your new table! We'll decide names for your tables tomorrow morning - it must be something to do with the human body. Get thinking!

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