The Mothdog

This magic creature is the first of its kind. It was first sited in 1999 by a couple on their honeymoon.


The Mothdog loves to live in the muddy marshes of North America. It also likes to live in the woods in the UK. They like to live in trees and underground. The Mothdog will eat anything!


The Mothdog has the body of a cross between a blue roan (a cross between a cocker spaniel and a spaniel) and a blue-grey moth.


This creature has a number of powers. It can breath ice and make a tornado with its wings. It can also make, in numbers of 10 to 50, landslides and tidalwaves.


When it is angry it will freeze people; one person was not found until 5 days later and nearly died. When it is happy it chases its tale and sleeps. When sad it howls and it can be heard for 50 miles around

The Mothdog is a cute but dangerous. Hope this information helps.

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