The Sea

71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water and millions of people rely on it as a source of food (fish) and drink (water) every day.

The food chain

The food chain in the sea begins with a tiny life form called plankton, plankton is then consumed by krill (a small shrimp like creature) which is in turn swallowed by small fish. Then they are eaten by bigger fish and sharks which are eaten by humans (as usual!)

How a coral reef forms

A coral reef usually begins with a shipwreck after 3 or 4 years some coral begins to grow. Then it’s 1st inhabitants arrive, small fish and crabs. Later it will be teeming with life! One by one new predators and prey come to live there. After decades or sometimes even centuries a coral reef will have covered every inch of the boat!

Over all the sea is a growing wonder that never stops evolving.

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William, it's great to see some of what you're reading about in Guided Reading filtering through into your writing - good work!

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