Scoot the Nation

Recently in the past year freestyle scootering has became a very popular sport in the UK. This piece of text will be saying a little bit about scooters, brands, riders, and local shops.


There are many different types of scooter brands on the market today. A good make of scooter to ride is Grit scooters; the most expensive Grit complete scooter is the Grit Mayhem 2012. Scoot Nation magazine says that it comes with, ‘semi-integrated head tube design with octagonal head tube and marble finish, 6061 heat-treated deck, 5” width with concave, 4130 chromoly handlebars with traditional Grit mayhem design, flex fender braking system, 5 spoke 110mm metal core wheels with abec 9 bearings, alley quadruple clamp, inverted compression system (ICS) with gussets, freestyle rubber grips.' Out of all the scooters on the market this scooter is one of the best for its moneym, selling at £150-£170.

Another good scooter brand is MGP they are also very popular selling over 700,000 models of there scooters. They also have a scooter team and the travel round the world doing competitions and touring and selling.

Star riders

Some of the best riders out there are; Curtis Vandries, Luke Painter, Rob Wasp and Harry Barrnet. All these riders are sponsored which means that a shop or brand gives them parts for free and part of being sponsored means that they go touring to different skate parks around the world.

Thanks for reading and that is a little bit of info about scooters.

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