Ju-87 Stuka

The German Luftwaffe (German term for air force) first flew the Ju-87 on the 17 September 1935. It was produced in large numbers, around 6,500 by the end of the war. It helped in the attempt to try and halt the Allied advance though German occupied France.


Red flight of stukas diving on target.

The Ju-87 was an extremely versatile aircraft. It was more accurate than the conventional bomber because it was a dive bomber meaning it dived on its target, dropped its payload then pulled up just before the pilot blacked out. It could carry 2x 37mm anti tank wing mounted gun pods. It could also carry a wide range of bombs, incendiary or INK bombs that explode in a huge fire ball on contact with its target as well as bomblets (a big bomb with smaller bombs inside that usually contained gas).

Ju-87 with 37 mm gun pods.

The death of the Luftwaffe

The Germans were running out of aces (aces are pilots that have shot down 5 or more aircraft) whilst there new jet propelled Me-262 came too late to effect the outcome of the war and there just wasn’t enough of them. They became easy pray for Allied pilots.

Me-262 preparing for take off.

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