The Centadillo

The Centadillo is a very scary creature which will crawl around its little area and destroy anything in its path - do NOT go anywhere near it. Read on to find out more about the Centadillo.


The Centadillo should not be judged on its size because at 3ft long and 1ft wide it is still capable of some serious damage, especially with those claws and spikes. If the Centadillo feels threatened, which it rarely does, it will close up into a ball of spikes meaning it could roll around and spear anything in its way. One of the Centadillo’s main defences is its thick armour plating which is so thick it could stop some of the most powerful bites in the animal kingdom, like a lion or a shark, from biting through to its cold flesh. Deadly and not to be messed with are its mandrills similar to those of an ants but these ones are capable of paralysis.


The Centadillo is usually in a very savage mood and will kill anything that moves but from time to time its in a playful mood and will try to play with the lions but usually ends up accidentally killing the whole pride. It does not appreciate human company because it doesn’t want its supper to get nicked most of the time.


This deadly creature lives on the grassy plains of Africa because of the sunshine and rich food, such as wilder beast, which roam the plains. Sometimes it resorts to the forest areas for a nice snack of nutritious monkey. The Centadillo is born in the rich waters of the coast of Madagascar and is a lightning fast swimmer, and is even capable of killing a shark at the age of two months.


To conclude this creature should not be messed with and if sighted should instantly be reported to the phone number 0100 325 687. For more information go to the website

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Comment 1 Comment by Jasmine F on 04 Apr 12 at 9:04pm | Quote this comment
I hope this animal is not real because if it is im really scared and if its not very good imagination!

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