Magic has three different meanings: magic as in magical creatures, potions, wizards and witches…etc. This magic is fantasy. Also there is the kind of magic used to describe something e.g a magical sunset is a beautiful sunset, or, as this report will talk about, magic as in illusions, sleight of hand, etc. Famous magicians include the legendry Penn and Teller, David Blaine and Dynamo.

Mental Magic

One type of magic is called ‘mental magic’. This magic is where one ‘mind reads another person by use of clever skill'. The most popular prop for mental magic is a deck of cards, as found out later, because: cards are easy to force (make someone take a ‘random’ card that the magician actually wants them to choose). When in use the magician looks very skilful, finally they are just nice to hold. Many people are amazed by mental magic even though it is easy to perform.

Street Magic

Street magic is another of many genres where the magicians finds a random person in the street and performs a small trick with cards, some mental magic or even a trick with a prop such as sticking a cigarette through a coin! Many props in street magic are gimmicks (see ‘Other’) and make even more amazement occur.

Card magic

Card magic is done with cards! There have been thousands of tricks performed since Pythagoras, Caesar and all the way till now.


If every genre of magic was included here this report would be 5 pages long, therefore other tricks and extra info is named here.
Gimmicks: a gimmick is a prop that looks ordinary although actually is completely different for example, the biting coin, which is a normal looking coin but is possible to ‘eat’ half of it then make it appear again.
Stooge: a stooge, or confederate, is a spectator who is actually in on the trick but pretends they are just a random spectator.
Platform trick: a platform trick is a trick that is usually performed on stage e.g cups and balls.

To conclude, magic is an extraordinary entertainment that everybody enjoys. Good magic links:Ā

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Jude, have you mastered any of these forms of magic? It would be great to see any of the tricks you've got up your sleeve!

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