Reclusive but heard of, Elves live in the maple forests of Canada. As a result of this there are only known to be about 150 Elves. The first one was sighted in October 2009 by a middle-aged log roller.

The appearance that was given: it was roughly six foot tall and had flowing blond hair; it had high cheekbones and small ears not unlike ours (all except for the tops which are pointed); it was clothed mostly in green with brown leather riding trousers and a bow on its back and a quiver full of pristinely sharpened arrows.


Large and prosperous, the Canadian forest floor is home to Elves because of all the game that lives there and the vastness of it. Elves are great craftsmen with wood and the Canadian wood is perfect for their bows meaning its an ideal place for them to live.


The Elves are a peaceful race and have NEVER attacked a human. This is because they do not need to. As well as being peaceful they are always also loyal to their ruler and are always completely focused on the task at hand. But be warned they may become angry when taunted.

In conclusion Elves are a peaceful and very reclusive race and could harmonize with humans.


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