A cyclops is a massive humanoid creature from Greek mythology. One of the most famous cyclops is Polyphemus, a Shepard cyclops who Odysseus met on his quest. Polyphemus imprisoned him in his cave when Odysseus and his men wandered in and ate one of Polyphemus’s sheep. Odysseus finally got out by blinding Polyphemus and clinging to the belly of one of the sheep when they were let out to graze.


Cyclops have one large, round eye in the middle of their forehead. (This is the only way to tell the difference between them and giants, because both of these dimwitted creatures are at least ten metres high.) They also have tough, browny-green skin that allows them to disguise themselves when it’s dark by curling up on the ground and going to sleep, which makes them look like a massive boulder.

Food & Habitat

Cyclops like to live in caves by the sea or in cliffs. Some of them would work in Poseidon's (The Greek god of the sea) forges, making swords, shields and armour. They also like to eat sheep, humans/demi-gods and, if there’s nothing else, fish.


Cyclops don’t like it when people invade their cave, and it makes them angry when people eat their sheep. Most of them don’t like humans and will eat them on sight. Cyclops do, however, like to look after their sheep, even if they do eat them later.

In conclusion, cyclops are massive, sheep-eating creatures, who don’t like humans and sometimes work in Poseidon's forges.


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