A boat-filled science week

A boat-filled science week!

Mr. Brooks and Mrs. Galvin’s class, (Class China) are proud to present our classes, Chinese dragon boats! Dragon boats are normally a luminous red coloured boat made out of Guangdong Province wood, which is a very thin type of wood that is as light as a drowned feather.

As we don’t have the special Chinese Guangdong Province wood, we have to use a different kind of wood that is still very light but is named: Balsa wood.

On Tuesday afternoon our class did some science; the first thing that we did was we made a density tower out of liquids. The liquids we’re Not poisonous, but they may cause a tummy bug if they we’re placed in mouth. The liquids we used were: Washing up liquid, olive oil, water, lemonade, vinegar, and the list continues…

Here is a quote from Tom of how he liked the science day,” It was great because you had to mix things and it looked fantastic!” And heres a quote from Stephanie about the engraining part of the week, “It was fun and exiting even though our boats didn’t work exactly how we expected it to be,”.
By Molly And Olivia.

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