The Dragon-man

Tired and weary, I heaved my heavy bones down the old,creaking staircase. Cobwebs hung from the stained, sloping roof like a sparkling silk vine. I peered round the door...Suddenly, like an alarm going off, something smashed.I felt a shiver through my spine as I turned to face a dark, winged creature.Then, out of nowhere, fire billowed out of it's mouth to light up the dragon's head which was red as a radish.I turned. I ran.

As I ran I noticed the gate was locked! I peered over my trembling shoulder, expecting to see a massive, luminous-red dragon but instead I saw a bulky silhouette of what looked like a man who had  spent too much time at the gym; chasing me. What had happened to the dragon? Suddenly I felt my legs being taken away. I flew over the gate landing on my shoulder. I rolled over then jumped to my feet before sprinting across the road . Sadly I hadn't looked so a car exploded into me. If it had been going any faster it may have gone through me! But luckily I landed on the roof instead of flying onto the busy road. I sat up and got a free lift home.

I jumped onto the bed. It had been a long day: the dragon,the muscly-man and the haunted house had all pushed their way to the front of my mind. Where did the dragon go? Did the man turn into the dragon in the first place? I thought that soon those questions would be answered. I rolled over and snuggled into my pillow before going into a deep sleep.

Thump! My head smashed into the bedside table. I had woke up with a jerk after my terrible dream. I had dreamt that yesterday I hadn't managed to get up after I had tripped over the gate. The man had pulled out a knife and was cackling threateningly as the knife plummeted down just below my ribs.That was just a dream though. I looked at the flashing LED display showing 5:00 am. I put on some jeans, which had holes in, and yesterdays white T-shirt. I glanced down at my painful knee noticing a drop of blood rolling down my battered shin. "I bet that was from yesterdays encounter with the dragon." I thought to myself before half walking half limping over to the door out onto the street.

"That's weird" I thought. I had noticed that everyone was talking whilst pointing at The Daily Mail. I walked over to a small stall selling some newspapers.On the table a bulging pot of gold and silver coins sparkled enthusiastically beneath the morning sun.I picked up the first newspaper I saw. A wave of sadness washed over me.The haunted house had been knocked down! Why? I'd really enjoyed my adventures there and now they've knocked it down. Suddenly I heard a huge roar that interrupted my thoughts.The dragon strolled towards me. I bumped into the stall.I was cornered...  

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 15 Mar 12 at 7:33pm | Quote this comment
Oliver, great story! I particularly liked your use of different sentence types and lengths to change the pace and create effects within the story. Who/what was the muscly man? Who demolished the house? What was to happen to your character in the end? All of these unanswered questions are intriguing and make me want to read on and/or re-read what you wrote to try to grasp a few more clues. Well done - I like it! ;-)

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Comment 2 Comment by P WILSON on 16 Mar 12 at 9:36am | Quote this comment
Brilliant story Oliā€¦ I'm desperate to know what happens next!! I hope the story continues, the characters develop and part II will be as thrilling as part I!! Well done.
Comment 3 Comment by Christopher L on 19 Mar 12 at 7:30pm | Quote this comment
good work Oliver! Keep up the good work! ;-)

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