Wild Life Quiz

This afternoon, the first round of the annual Gloucestershire  Wildlife Trust was held at school.  We welcomed teams from Hillsley and Alexander Hosea Primary Schools. After a very close contest it was a draw for 1st place between us and Hillsley. So then we had a tie break round, in which both teams scored 10 out of 10.  Unfortunately for us the rules state that if it is still a draw after the tie break, the team that scored highest in the last round would be the winner - this was Hillsley's team, who had scored 8 points to our 7.   

Well done to our team, who showed great wildlife knowledge and just lost out.  It isn't impossible that they go through to the next round as a highest scoring losing team.

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Comment 1 Comment by Molly C on 07 Mar 12 at 4:31pm | Quote this comment
Well done, guys! You did brilliantly!

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